Billion Dollar Ideas With A Few Dollars
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    Services & Membership

    Welcome fellow entrepreneur, You have now joined MrsBlackWallStreet Investment Club full of like minded people. The advantage of this is that you will no longer need an exceptional amount of money to invest and be apart of any business or industry.

    There is a monthly $20 membership fee. This fee covers the following:

    • -Administrative and Legal Fees for all investments
    • -Website Upkeep and Maintenance
    • -Legal Council (Lawyers)
    • -Background and Credit Checks on all investments and its parties
    • -Investment/Product research and sourcing for each investment the group agrees to pursue

    We are constantly looking for the next best thing to be apart of and innovate. With our expertise and resources, we will research all legalities, marketing, and product development of each investment. You don't have to do anything but sit back and relax and let us do all the hard work.

    All Business ventures we pursue are voted on by the club... 1 Seat = 1vote

    Also included in your membership are live conference calls, newsletters, live streams, and updates on ventures we pursue.

    All members must sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

    That dream, that goal, and that business you wanted to pursue now only takes a few dollars... We now have capital and an opening to a new world. THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS.....


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